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Poliedra-Sky Fast 80

Curtain walls

Poliedra-Sky Fast80

Curtain walls

Top all-glass design. Poliedra-Sky Fast 80 improves the aesthetic appearance of any curtain wall. The finished cell can be made entirely in the workshop and external scaffolding is not required during the fitting. You can choose the all-glass design or the version with a border along the perimeter. The two available openings cannot be seen from outside. Thermal-acoustic insulation.

• Curtain walls structured in units or with mechanical support for glazing
• 80 mm structure, visible internally
• Mullion: from 132 mm deep
• Glass thickness: from 30 mm to 44 mm
• Seals: EPDM internal seals and glazing gaskets
• Thermal break: insulating rigid spacer in coextruded PVC
• Original accessories
• Prefabricated units assembly
• Finishing: anodized or painted
• 6060-T5 aluminum alloy
• Integration: Casement and Sunblade Systems.

• Acoustic and thermal insulation
• Units manufactured and finished in-house
• Finished units installed without using external scaffoldings
• External look: ''all glass", or with a border along the perimeter
• Openings not visible from outside